Took myself off to Home to watch this film on a Sunday afternoon.

From the second I heard about this film I knew it was a George film! Definitely would make your top three.

Oh my goodness it was bonkers, surreal and the fastest pace film I have ever seen. The action and comic undertones were genius. The daughters costumes were amazing and there were some really emotive scenes thrown in. They kept their Chinese family values and behaviour through out the film which you would have picked up on.

Did i close my eyes? I confess yes on one section that looked gruesome ☺️

Going to Home I had to be brave as it was the last cinema we went to together in March 2020 – fabulous film you got me to watch Portrait of a Lady On Fire.

I told your friends about the film and Hugh consequently saw it that week on a first date at the Trafford Centre and loved it. Angel wants to see it too.

I indulged in your honour after with McDonalds and had your faves along with a mini tirimusu mcflurry which is new this year πŸ’•

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