I drove to Swansea for work on Thursday and Google maps took me on the most bonkers route across the Welsh hills on some very hairy b roads that were nothing more than tractor tracks. It was probably just as well I was on quiet roads as the tears came as they do every day for my love and the loss of you.

It was all very scenic with amazing autumn coloured bracken until it got dark and then it was very hairy as it was also raining incredibly hard.

I thought about how cross you would have been with me George as no Starbucks or services and no toilets!!

I finally arrived at 6.30 pm and then had another of your mum’s bonkers moments to have the urge to drive onto Mumbles where you had a lovely day out with us when you were eight.

I tried to see the playground that you had such a happy time in as they had water sprays. By now the rain was torrential and it was pitch black so I never found it.

The rain stopped as I parked by Verdi’s the Italian cafe and ice cream parlour where you had pasta and cheese and ice cream.

It was closed 😥. I felt sad about that as I had wanted to go in there for you. I went for a walk up the front to get food and could not be further away from the car when the torrential rain came down full force. The pavements and roads flooded but still my thoughts were with you. I remembered that recently on your good days you wanted to stand out in the rain as it made you feel so alive.

I was so wet George it took two days for my coat and trainers to dry.

Some how it didn’t matter as I felt that connection to you and it was what I needed.

Always in my heart 💕 George xxx Forever Mum xxx

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