Your mum has become a serial cinema goer. It’s really helped me get through these dark months. Here is my round up for you George 💕

Living. Went early in November an absolutely beautiful stylised film. Set in the early 50s. It was simple and not modernised at all. A story of an older man told he was dying and decided to live a little and make a change in his life.

Bro’s. Went to this because it was the only non horror film. You would have given one of your sarcastic amused smiles for going to see this. Not my type of film as not a big fan of American humour but it was an education and I did quite enjoy it!

She said. True story about sexual consent. Very gritty and so well acted. Such a good film.

Armageddon Time. Coming of age. Loved Anthony Hopkins performance. It was interesting but I was a little lost on the ending. Would have really valued your opinion on this one George xxx.

Call Jane. Loved this film really insightful in American Politics of the late 60’s and how abortion was illegal and this women’s movement to give women the option. Very pioneering and a really good film.

Matilda The Musical. Took Angel and we loved it. So well acted and the scenario was amazing. The singing was excellent and Emma Thompson played the head teacher and was brilliant. Would have loved you to have seen this it could have been your guilty pleasure or maybe not 😉.

Whitney. Brilliantly performed film. Really interesting to see the back story and her torments and addictions which sadly hot the better of her. Amazing scenes of her big moments.

Corsage. Felt this was a George film. German with subtitles about the empress of Austria nicknamed the punk rock queen of her times. Showed the difficulties and restrictions on women and how cruel society is. Very empowered lady fighting against the system. Think this film would make the George list 🥰.

I am going to carry on with my monthly membership at Cineworld Didsbury George as it helps me get through the nights. Expect your mum to be writing more reviews to you in January. Much love Mum 💕

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