Took myself into Manchester last Sunday as was feeling low and needing distraction.

I looked at the Manchester Flower Festival on the streets which I know would not have been your thing 😘. Definitely a middle aged thing George to post on Facebook xxx

I went to the Manchester Art Gallery a mix of old and new art and am sure you would have found some of it of interest.

Then i spotted in the Arndale Kendi have a bubble tea bar!. I walked past tealive which you liked and they are doing a special edition cup with their drinks for summer.

I come from Taiwan where you had your first ever bubble tea with Harvey and Elliot are back open after Covid. Which led me to walk past Gong Cha which is where I last bought you your last takeaway bubble tea and brought it home for you in August 2021.

Olivia and Angel had told me about the Vegan Shack near Piccadilly Gardens so I paid a visit. I had loaded fries. You would have loved the vegan Shack am sure it could have become a favourite for you xxx

Love you lots 💕 Mum xxx

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