This was the destination we had planned to get to so you could see Charlotte and we never made it

I took you in my heart George and went for both of us. You will be shocked to find I stayed in a hostel in a shared dorm! It was fine accept for the fact they had run out of bath towels!!

I met with Zegham who I had not seen for years and you met on both occasions you went to Edinburgh as a child. He was very lovely and it was so nice to have some company.

I walked and remembered you playing in Princess Street gardens and left two pebbles – one for you and one for a boy Jacob from America who was also 18. What do you think of my artistic effort George?

pebbles in Princess Street Gardens

I went to the beach which you would love it’s quite bohemian in feel. It was a lovely afternoon and I wrote your name in the sand.


On Monday night I went to see Elvis the film. You would have liked it as it really showed how manipulated and taken advantage of by his manager and the guy that played Elvis was excellent. I saw it at the Edinburgh Vue Omni Centre.

Tuesday I got the car and went on a road trip to see the Kelpies that I obsessed about during lockdown and bored you to tears I imagine at the time. Well you featured here George but please don’t frown at my shocking photography skills 🤭

The Kelpies

I never made it to St Andrews but will go for you another time 💕

On my last morning I went to Van Gogh live which was on in Manchester last year and I had suggested to you that we go for your birthday but then I lost you 💔. I went for both of us and George I had to hold back the tears as I know you would have loved the experience. What a struggle Van Gogh had with depression throughout his adult life but what a genius. It was so interesting to see how his art style altered as his mental state changed.

The projection and music was emotional and haunting at times. They interlaced this with his own quotes and words and it was so invoking and powerful. You would have had total admiration for him. I obviously went to the gift shop as you would have done 😘 and bought a print of the sunflower vase which I will put in the living room.

The quote below resonates with the love I will have for you every minute I am on this earth 💕

Always Mum xxxx

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