Such a difficult day 💔. A whole year without you didn’t think I would make it. This will always be so so wrong George.

We held you in our hearts and I went with your lovely friends to John Leigh park where we wrote on ribbons and tied them to a tree in the rose garden.

We wrote your name in candles and had a quiet moment. It was beautiful just like you 💕.

We left a little of you in a tree you used to climb with Harvey in the bowling green.

We did the ribbons and candles again at home as your friends Alice and El joined us.

We all had pizza and had Weezer playing in the background and talked and remembered our wonderful moments with you.

Alice and El have made a playlist for you and shared it.

It was a wonderful way to honour you George. Always loved and you never will be forgotten ❤️❤️❤️

p.s. I took you Dad the day before to Pizza Express in Knutsford where we shared memories about you and remembered our happy times there. I had your pizza George with an egg on it and I liked it!! Your dad added an egg on his pizza in your honour. Bought you a fentimans Cola. Cheers my son xxx

p.p.s Your cousin Craig popped into the bubble tea shop in Nice that does the Hello Kitty cups. This drinks for you George 💕

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