On your 19th birthday we went in your honour and played a game of bowling at Altrincham with your friends and your Dad and I took turns in your place. We also won the game for you George xxx

This time we had the agony of you not being physically with us for just over a year. We wanted to mark your 20th birthday the very best way we can with you in our every thought and action throughout the day.

Started the day with a visit to your beautiful memorial garden with your Dad and we left some pink roses for you.

Your dad wanted to reminisce over his past day trips so we had afternoon tea in a new tea shop and they played Indie tunes in your honour.

Then your dad and I went to the Banksy exhibition. It was so interesting to know more about Banksy. He is quite a socialist and such a disrupter with his creative campaigns. You would have loved it and spent hours in there.

It was particularly interesting to hear about his popups to help feed the homeless and his theme park to highlight the cynicism of Disney.

I was fascinated and then seeing Keith Haring was a key influence on Banksy. Just seeing his artwork as a homage to Keith I knew we were in exactly the right place for your birthday. I truly felt you with me in every word I read and every picture I looked at 💕

Needless to say your dad was like a kid in a sweet shop in the gift shop! I bought a couple of postcards with political messages you might have approved of. They are on our fridge door now.

i then took your friends out for Dinner. Hugh, Henry and Rachel came. It was lovely to see them growing up and hearing about the changes in their life. We went to Coast which you liked and we had been pre COVID a few times. We had a toast for you George.

How is missed you just cannot cover it in words. You will be always honoured and forever cherished. Love always Mum xxx

p.s. i bought you a pink flamingo balloon. I had it up my sleeve to suprise you on your 19th but never got the chance and I wore your pink flamingo socks 💕💕💕

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