I combined work and pleasure for a second trip to Edinburgh. I get a great sense of joy and escapism being in Edinburgh. It has become my special place.

Stayed in the hostel again and it was fine and I felt strangely at home there!

I only had two days of pleasure and I spent Friday morning at the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens which was beautiful and discovered the Chinese garden where I shed some tears for you George and left a tiny atom of you at the bottom of the little waterfall. A truly beautiful and peaceful place 💕.

Zegham was very kind to meet me again in the evening. You would have loved talking to him as an adult as he is really into the arts and very knowledgeable.

I went to the modern 19th and 20th century French impressionist gallery event it was interesting to see the paintings and the hidden van goth painting.

Took these random photos for you George to make you smile. I promise to improve my photography and am going on a course!!

Always in my heart 💓. Alway Mum xxxx

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